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Return Policy



CD’s, other audio- or video- carrying articles purchased from our website ‘’ can only be returned when they have remained unopened and sealed. Once opened your article cannot be returned.

Unopened/sealed articles can be returned within 30 days after their purchase, provided you send an email to, indicating the product that you are about to return.

Returning articles is at the buyer’s expense and responsibility.


Return instructions


Send an mail to indicating the product that you will return. If you can provide a reason, that is much appreciated.

Package the article(s) and include a copy of the purchase document with it if available. Use a suitable and protective package. We will not be able to refund articles that get damaged in transit.

If the package is sent with a tracking code, feel free to provide us the code.




Upon reception a reply email will be sent to you to confirm the package arrival and acceptance for reimbursement.

Purchase price will be reimbursed within 10 days after acceptance of the package.

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